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​​ Krewe of Les Badineurs 

est. 1973


Welcome to the Official Les Badineurs Website. 

The year is 1972.  Somewhere in Biloxi a group of young men, most likely clad in leisure suits, hatch an idea that continues on to this day.  The concept was to organize a Mardi Gras Ball to celebrate the Gulf Coasts most valuable treasure – its beautiful ladies.  So, in 1973, the inaugural Les Badineurs Ball was held.  These club founders have gone on to become community leaders, businessmen, inmates, and even a mayor- most have drifted off to obscurity, but their dream lives on. 

 The Krewe of Les Badineurs, known as  “The Bad Boys of Mardi Gras”, are group of 100 of the finest men living on the Gulf Coast.  All are dedicated to one noble cause: the pursuit of a really great party.   Our members range from 21 to old-as-dirt.  There are students, bankers, construction workers, firemen, policemen, military, lawyers, doctors, business owners, retirees, and a few who we could just say are ‘between jobs’ and ‘exploring other options’ – all really great guys.    

Every May, a membership Crawfish Boil is held. The new board is elected, and any pressing issues are addressed.  The Annual Pig Roast is a casual, family-oriented picnic hosted each August or September.  The next event is the Halloween Party followed in November by the Draw Down. The culmination of a year’s worth of planning and the primary reason for the Club’s existence is the Mardi Gras Ball… you just have to experience it to believe it.  To pay for these numerous events,  $100.00 is collected annually from each member.  The Krewe is known to fire up the grills and fryers and serve some of the best burgers, fried fish, and roasted pig ever tasted at the local events held each year along the Coast.  If that’s not enough, most Thursday nights, several members can be found at one of the favorite local watering holes… where the food is good, beer is cold, and waitresses are pretty. Come out and join us.√

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