​​ Krewe of Les Badineurs 

est. 1973

Constitution of Les Badineurs, Inc.

(Including Amendments through May,2008 – formatted June,2009 amended May 2010 )

 I. The name of this organization shall be Les Badineurs (The Playboys).  The membership shall not exceed 100 paid members plus elected officers and board(i) and there shall be a minimum age limit for membership of 21. 

II. The officers will be elected prior to June 1st of each year, thus giving new officers at least six (6) months in which to plan the ball.  A President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer(ii) will be elected for a term of one year.  No officer will succeed himself.  The President cannot hold the office again for 10 years.  The new officers will select the committee members.  Serving the officers will be a board of eight* (2yr) Directors elected by the membership with the exception of the ex-official[sic] officers who serve one year.  If an officer or board member misses two consecutive meetings, he can be replaced by a majority vote of the executive officers.  Vacancies after the election, can be filled by Presidential appointment for a term of one year.

III.  The membership dues will be $100.00(iii) per year payable by July 31st.  A proper notice will be sent to each member prior to July 31st of each year informing the membership of the July 31st deadline.  The President has the power to assess members $10.00 in the event that the Coliseum is needed for the ball.

IV.  New members will be voted on by the membership and to be considered the check and application must be received by the cut off date to be set by the executive board.  New members will be provided with a copy of the By-Laws.  Dues from new members (Biloxi and Ocean Springs area) are due by September 1st.  New members from outside the area can be accepted after September 1st. 

V.  At least one ball shall be held each year on a Saturday preceeding[sic] Mardi Gras.

VI. There will be one general membership meeting each year help prior to June 1st.  Fourteen days advanced notice of this meeting is required.  All business must be approved [by] a majority of those present.  Upon proper notice (at least 14 days) the executive board may call any additional meetings that they deem necessary.  The third Thursday of the month will be a working business meeting to conduct club business and is open to all members.

VII.  The organization will adopt a Constitution and By-Laws and become incorporated.

 VII.  Amendments to the Constitution will be presented to the membership and approved by 2/3 majority of the members present.

IX.  The President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer will wear Tux n’ Tails and top hats with ears the night of the ball.  The President is to be dressed in white Tux n’ Tails with white top hat with ears, while others wear black.  Officers must pay for their own costumes if those costumes are other than allowed for above.

X.  The Bunnies for the ball will be chosen from girls outside the organization (not wives).

XI.  The President will choose a theme for the ball and the six (6) Dukes and keep this secret.  He will also choose the King which shall also be kept secret.  At the discretion of the President a Board Member may be chosen King.  A member can never be King again or a Duke cannot be a Duke again for 5 years.  First year members and their wives are not eligible for the court.

XII.  Maids and a Queen shall be selected by the President and Officers.  This can be by their own selection or member suggestions.  The President will have the option to have a drawing to make selections should he choose to do so.  The ladies should be regular attendees of the ball. 

XIII.  Guest[sic] attending the ball from out of town will be charged $100.00 and will be required to wear a Tuxedo and must have an invitation in writing from the President.

XIV.  Each member will be allowed 3 call outs, 2 alternatives, and 3 view cards.  Additional view cards and call outs will be at the discretion of the president.

XV.  The duties of the officers shall be as follows:  The President will preside at all meetings.  The duties of the Vice President shall be to take over the duties of the President in his absence.  The Secretary/Treasurer will keep a record of all proceedings, collect the dues, issue receipts, and keep a true and correct accounting of all monies belonging to the organization.  He will also pay all bills which have been properly approved.  He will be required to give a correct and accurate financial report. 

XVI.  The President should keep a file on all planning for the ball to pass on to the oncoming President.  He should also keep all Albums of Past Balls.

XVII.  All women attending the ball must be costumed.  Any one who hasn’t worn a costume will not be admitted at the door.

XVIII.  The Board of Directors will wear regular black tuxedos.  This will be at their own expense.

XIX.  Officers will stay in their tails for the entire night so as to be recognizable to eliminate unwanted guest or take care of any other matters that may occur.

XX.  A summer dance will be held at the discretion of the new Board and Officers.  The cost will not be built into the dues.  The dance will have to stand on its own.

XXI.  The boundaries concerning out-of-town guest will be anyone living outside of Biloxi , Ocean Springs, Gulfport , and Long Beach.

 XXII.  The Officers are required to stay within the Budget of the Treasurer.

XXIII.  Anyone showing conduct unbefitting of a member shall be called before the Board and Officers.  If found guilty by a 2/3 majority of the Board and Officers a fine of $50.00 shall be assessed.  On a second offence expulsion from the organization shall take place.

XXIV.  Anyone nominated for an office shall be present at the annual general membership meeting.**

XXV.  Tablou[sic] should last no more than 1 hour.

[sic] Note: All spelling, punctuation, and grammar are original.

History of Amendments

Amended at 1999 annual meeting from 130 members to 144 members.  Further amended at the 2008 annual meeting to 100 members plus elected officers and board.

Amended at the 1997 annual meeting to split the office into 2 separate positions.  Later amended at the 1998 annual meeting to combine the 2 positions back to the original office of Secretary/Treasurer.

Amended at the 1989 annual meeting from the original $60.00 to $65.00.   Later amended in 1997 to $75.00, in 1999 to $85.00, and in 2008 to $100.00.

Amended at the 1999 annual meeting to add the sentence “Officers must pay for their own costumes if those costumes are other than allowed for above.”

Amended at the 2010 annual meeting to change drawing for six (6) maids and a queen to allow the President and Board to select the Queen and maids.

Amended at the 2010 annual meeting to set the third Thursday of the month as an open business meeting.

 * Precedent:  Although not officially voted on as an amendment, a vote was called for and passed in 1982 installing Alvin LeDuke as permanent “Honorary” Board Member until death or the failure to pay dues, thus increasing the number of board members from 8 to 9 until one of the above circumstances occurred.

**Precedent:  A vote called for and passed in 1995, again not as an amendment to the constitution, allowed for a member to be nominated for election to the board at that particular meeting if: 

            a)  A legitiment and reasonable excuse could justify his absence, and

            b)  A 2/3 majority of those present agreed to allow his nomination.

 Copied to disc from hard copy 25 June 25, 2010

Here it is in a nutshell; We are here to have a good time.  It's the Presidents club for the year.  If your not happy with the clubs direction we welcome members to get involved. Did I mention we are here to have a good time?